ARJOHUNTLEIGH Medical Easytrack

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The Easytrack is a floor-to-ceiling pressure-fit system requiring no permanent installation.

The versatile Easytrack offers various many configurations including 2-post, 3-post and 4-post layouts, along with accessories such as a bath tub adapter.

Ceiling not suitable for a pressure fit mounting? Easytrack can also be fastened to the wall in a multitude of configurations.


  • No tools required
  • No contractors required
  • Fits most standard ceilings in your home
  • Non-slip neoprene surfaces on both the foot plate and top plate ensure posts stay in place.
  • Extendable rail with trolley, 2 standard posts, 2 top plates, 2 foot plates, rail caps and finishing strips


  • Extendable track: 52″ – 75″


Offers various configurations such as 2-post, 3-post and 4-post layouts.