Zippie 2 Pediatric Folding Wheelchair

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Adjustable and convenient wheelchair for on-the-go kids and families

When it comes to accomplishing daily tasks efficiently, the folding frame is a practical choice. A folded Zippie 2 is small enough to fit in most compact cars and can be easily tucked in small spaces in the classroom or at home. Locking crossbraces give the Zippie 2 a solid feel, making it easier and more efficient for your child to propel.


Open Seat Frame

Interaction with their environment and peers is essential to children’s development. By eliminating the seat rails and giving the Zippie 2 an open design, seating products attach directly to its frame. Not only does this reduce overall weight, but it also makes way for lower seat heights and eye-level interaction.


Growth Capabilities

Designing wheelchairs that adapt with your child is always a top priority for Zippie engineers. As your child grows in height, the Zippie 2 may grow in depth up to 6″! Aside from a broad range of armrest, legrests, and other positioning options and accessories, the Zippie 2’s components are interchangeable and highly adjustable to keep your child comfortable and properly positioned during development. You can be confident that the Zippie 2 will always be at its best for your child!



  • Product Width: 20″ to 25.5″
  • Seat Width: 12″ to 16″
  • Seat Depth: 12″ to 18″
  • Front Seat-to-Floor Height: 15″ to 20″
  • Rear Seat-to-Floor Height: 13.5″ to 19″
  • Back Height:Fixed: 19″, 22″, 25″
    Adjustable: 17″ to 23″, 20″ to 26″
  • Back Angle Adjustment: -30° to 5°
  • Center of Gravity (COG) Adjustment: 3.12″
  • Shipping Dimensions: 33″ L x 38″ H x 13″ W