Top Heavy Duty Wheelchairs for Larger Individuals

People come in all shapes and sizes. We’re short and tall, big and small. All of those sizes are just fine, and as long as you’re comfortable in your skin, that’s all that really matters.

Unfortunately, disabilities don’t discriminate either, and when you’re a bigger person, it can be hard to find the mobility equipment you need to live life to the fullest. This is why we stock a range of wheelchairs that are made to handle 300lbs or more. Here are a few of your options:

Catalyst 4C HD

The Catalyst 4C HD is a very well-made manually operated wheelchair that comes in several funky colors and can accommodate people up to 350lbs. This is a simple, durable, and robust chair that is built to last and will be comfortable and easy to use for many years.

Sunrise Iris HD

If you need a wheelchair that has a few more features, including a comfortable padded headrest and a clever tilt in space feature the manually operated Sunrise Iris HD might be the one you want. It can accommodate weights of up to 400lbs and has a huge number of features and functions.

Sunrise QM 7

If you’re looking for a power wheelchair that can accommodate higher weights, the Sunrise QM 7 is a great choice. It can transport people up to 400lbs with ease and in comfort and has everything you could imagine from a power wheelchair and more.

Why You Should Choose a Heavier Duty Wheelchair

If you’re right on the line between the 300lb cutoff for most light-duty wheelchairs, you might be tempted to choose a lighter-duty option. However, while it’s true that they are often a little cheaper to buy, think about how many times you carry items in your chair. Whether it’s a heavy backpack or giving the kids a ride, there’s a good chance you’ll exceed the weight capacity without even thinking about it.

Once or twice won’t do much to your wheelchair (especially if you have a quality chair) but over time, it can weaken important joints and components. Which is a big safety risk.

So if you’re not sure whether to go for lighter duty or heavier duty chair, it’s usually best to err on the side of caution.

Speak to a Professional

The chairs we’ve mentioned here are great for larger people who want a quality wheelchair that’s comfortable and durable – but we’re always getting new products and there might be other options you can choose. So if you’re not sure about the chair you need, or you just want to compare prices on a few different models, reach out to our team.

Our mobility experts can help you to find the right chair for your unique needs, and that will give you years of comfortable, easy mobility, and we’ll do it all with a smile. Because at Leading Edge Mobility, we believe that everyone deserves to be able to live their life to the fullest.

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