Get Comfortable This Holiday Season with a New Lift Chair

Are you searching for a way to maintain more control over your mobility and independence? Those who are elderly or physically impaired often struggle with the loss of autonomy over small tasks such as simply standing up on their own. Power lift chairs are ideal for those who are ready to regain their independence and take charge of their lives!

What Is a Power Lift Chair?

Power lift chairs are easy chair or recliner-style seats that are equipped with lifting mechanisms that raise the entire chair from fully seated to a standing position. Power lift chairs allow those with limited mobility to transfer safely and easily on their own, giving them a greater sense of control and independence.

Most power lift chairs come equipped with a handheld remote that controls the different functions of the chair. Pressing the “up” button raises the user from a lying or seated position to a 45-degree angle while pressing the “down” button will take you from a 45-degree angle to a seated or lying position – and everywhere in between! Using a power lift chair, you can customize your sitting position throughout the day and night for maximum comfort and safety.

Types of Power Lift Chairs

There are several types of power lift chairs on the market today, but the two most popular models are the infinite-position lift chair and the three-position lift chair. Each option has its own unique functions and capabilities and understanding these specifications will help you select the power lift chair that is best suited for your needs.

Power lift chairs are available in a variety of styles, colors, and textures, and some even come with additional features to suit your unique needs.

Three-Position Lift Chair

Three-position lift chairs are highly versatile and can recline back to a nearly-flat position with just a slight incline. They are suitable for both sitting and sleeping, and all mechanisms are connected to the same motor, meaning that both the back of the chair and the ottoman move in tandem. Three-position lift chairs are ideal for sitting during the day or taking naps and can transition the user to a standing position quickly and safely using a remote control.

Infinite-Position Lift Chair

The infinite-position lift chair certainly lives up to its name! With this style of a power lift chair, you can transition from a fully reclined position at 180 degrees to standing, and any other position in between. Infinite-position lift chairs are the most versatile option and are ideal for those who spend most of their time in their chair. They are usually equipped with separate motors, allowing the user to control the back and the footrest of the chair separately. This provides seniors the ability to move freely and safely and provides a wide range of sitting and lying positions that can be adjusted based on their needs at any given moment. Infinite-position chairs are often designed to be plush, supportive, and supremely comfortable for long use.

Ultimately, the type of power lift chair you choose depends on your own unique needs and lifestyle. Request a quote today to learn more about how Leading Edge Mobility can enhance your quality of life with an innovative power lift chair!

Why You Should Buy Your Scooter from a Trusted Business

When you buy from a business that does not deal in medical equipment, you risk them not having the correct parts. There is no follow-through. You buy it, and you’re left to figure the rest out on your own. At MEDIchair in Lethbridge, we have experts who are knowledgeable about the makes and models, and can help you decide what your needs are. This allows you to make a safe and educated choice based on what your uses will be, warranty guaranteed!

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