Essential Tips on How to Properly Maintain Your Lift Chair

Do you own a lift chair or a power lift recliner and are wondering how you can maintain it for optimal usage? Well, the good news is that it is easy to keep lift chairs operational for many years. Regular cleaning and quickly responding to accidents like bumps and spills are among the simplest and effective ways to maintain your seat. This article reveals essential care tips to help you keep your lift chair comfortable and convenient.

General Maintenance Tips for Lift Chairs 

  • Always unplug your seat before cleaning or performing any other maintenance.
  • Practice easing yourself on the chair. Dangling too much may lead to fast mechanical degradation of the mobility equipment.
  • In case you notice any unusual movements when reclining, stop immediately. The lift chair motors are very powerful and are likely to punch holes through drywall or push things out of the way.
  • Warn the children against playing with the buttons of the seat, especially pressing them at once.
  • If you have pets, ensure they are not around the chair during motion. The seat could cause severe harm to the pet.
  • Avoid sleeping on mobility lift chairs when alone. You can get stuck on the chair due to power outages or other issues.
  • Do not place your hands around the moving parts when the chair is plugged in.

Maintaining the Lift Chairs Motion

  • When you want to move your lift chair, ensure it is unplugged and the area around it is clear.
  • Find someone to help you move the chair, especially if you have a physical health issue. Mobility lift chairs are heavy on the low end, and moving them requires a lot of energy.
  • If you are pushing the chair on a hard surface, be sure to use moving sliders to avoid scratches and chips on the mobility equipment. It is best to move them on a carpet if you do not have sliders.

Maintaining the Motor and Electronics 

  • For effective functioning, you need to vacuum or wipe the motor and cord with a wet cloth to avoid dust build-up.
  • Check out any fraying of the cord to avoid malfunctions or even worst cases. If any, call your manufacturer immediately.
  • Avoid putting your hand controls on the floor as you can easily step on them.
  • If you notice any unusual sounds on the chair, do not hesitate to call a retailer or your manufacturer.

Maintaining the Lift Chairs Accessories and Fabric

  • If your lift chair has a special fabric, be sure to check out the best way to clean it on its manual.
  • Clean any spills immediately to avoid staining your chair.
  • Check out any fabric unraveling, tears, or broken seems regularly, and call a retailer or your manufacturer if you find any.
  • Unplug your chair before cleaning and wait until it is totally dry before plugging it back in.

Lift chairs are excellent additions to any home, and proper maintenance is crucial. The above tips will help you keep your chairs operational for years to come.

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