Product Review: Golden Technologies Beds

Whether it’s aging in place or moving in with your family, having the right furniture and equipment can make life a lot easier and more comfortable for you and your caregivers.

As we age, beds that used to be comfortable aren’t, and you might find that you need the functionality of hospital beds to sit up, elevate your head or raise your feet, depending on your overall health.

Golden Technologies manufactures a range of beds that offer all the functionality you get from hospital beds but that still look great and are easy to use. Let’s take a look at three of the Harmony models from Golden Technologies and why each might be the right choice for the seniors in your life.

Harmony 1

The Harmony 1 adjustable bed base is a low-profile option that can accommodate up to 750 lbs and operates with an easy-to-use wireless remote. While the legs do allow a low-to-the-ground option, they are also adjustable to suit your needs, and the bed base is designed to accommodate most headboards.

Harmony 1 is available in extra-long and comes in twin, queen and split king, so there’s a size and length to suit anyone’s needs. With built-in surge protection and emergency power, you can also be sure it will always work when you need it to.

Harmony 3

Harmony 3 is a premium adjustable bed for seniors and anyone else who wants to be able to adjust their bed to their exact needs when they need to. It features an 18-button remote and can lift an amazing 1320lbs, so it’s tough and durable as well as smart!

This Harmony bed model includes under-bed LED lighting, so you’ll never hit your toes or shins on the bed again, and it even has a smart built-in “Quiet Sleep” setting to reduce snoring.

As far as adjustable beds go, this is so far beyond anything you can find in any hospital beds. It delivers comfort, style, technology and more.

Harmony Hi-Low

Some seniors find that getting from lying in bed to standing in the morning is a little more of a challenge. The Harmony Hi-Low bed is designed to solve that problem. In addition to intelligent remote-operated positioning, it also has an option to raise the bed to the ideal position to get up. In fact, it has everything you would find in traditional hospital beds, but it doesn’t look like a hospital bed!

This bed has a lift capacity of 880lbs, and there are optional side rails if needed. It also raises from 10.5” to 21.5” and everything in between, so it can be used for seniors of all heights and assistance needs.

Which One Should You Choose?

Choosing an adjustable bed for seniors is a process, but it starts with assessing your needs and must-haves. Budget is always a factor, but if you’re going to invest in hospital beds for home use, you want to be sure it will deliver all the features you need now and in the future.

You also want to consider the size you need and whether you need additional features like side rails.

Why Golden Technologies Beds?

As you can see, if you’re in the market for adjustable beds for seniors or anyone else who needs a bed that does more, the Harmony range is a great choice.

Golden Technologies has been around since 1990, and the beds in the range are made to the very highest Canadian standards. All of the bed base components are made in a specialist factory in Taiwan, but foam and fabric, as well as quality control, are all taken care of in Ontario.

If you’re investing in hospital beds for seniors, you want to be sure you’re buying quality and that you will get the after-sales service you need. Choosing Golden Technologies for adjustable beds for seniors ensures that you get both.

Get More Information

Buying hospital beds and other equipment for aging in place and home care is a big investment, and you probably need a little more information and assistance to make the right choice for the seniors in your life.

If you would like to get more information, contact the team at Leading Edge Mobility. We’ve worked with countless seniors and their families to find the perfect fit, and whether it’s a Harmony bed from Golden Technologies or something else, we’re happy to help you find the right choice for your needs. Give us a call, and let us find the perfect bed for you!

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