The Advantages of Using a Powered Wheelchair Over a Manual Wheelchair

Mobility is a critical component of a person’s quality of life. Investing in the best quality mobility solutions can make a big difference in a person’s ability to enjoy the world around them. While a manual wheelchair can be a valuable asset, it may also be valuable to consider the enhancements that a powered wheelchair can bring to life as well.

What Are the Benefits of a Powered Wheelchair?

A powered wheelchair like our products can offer a wide range of benefits to anyone who is struggling with mobility. A traditional manual wheelchair can be much lower in cost, but it is also far harder to use. Consider some of the reasons why your mobility and quality of life may revolve around your use of a powered wheelchair.

  • Greater Independence: Though individuals can move themselves in a manual wheelchair, it is much harder to do so than it seems. It requires a significant amount of upper body strength, which is difficult. A powered wheelchair allows you to remain more in control over your movement without having to physically strain.
  • Improved Mobility: Most people have significant limitations with manual wheelchairs in terms of where they can go. You may only be able to go as far as you can physically move yourself. With the battery on a mobility scooter, on the other hand, you have far more flexibility to navigate longer distances or go to various places.
  • Power to Go Outside: A powered wheelchair is more likely to be able to help you explore the world around you. It’s possible to take a trip around the neighborhood without exhausting yourself. You can head up to a local store or simply next door to see a friend.

When considering whether or not the investment is best for you, keep in mind what your needs are now and what they may be in the coming months and years. Will the flexibility of learning how to use a power chair now help you to master more challenging times later?

The Cost of Owning a Powered Wheelchair to a Manual Wheelchair

At Leading Edge Mobility, we offer a range of product options for you to choose from, including powered wheelchairs. The cost difference between these two styles is significant, with power chairs tending to cost several times more than that of manual chairs. As you consider the cost, though, keep in mind that there is a much different level of quality and mobility here. You also have the ability to choose a used model with a powered wheelchair that’s been refurbished. That can give you a lower price but still give you the performance of the power chair you desire.

At Leading Edge Mobility, our team can work with you to determine which type of product is best suited for your individual needs. For some, having the benefit of being able to get into your power chair and explore the world around you can be well worth the extra cost.

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