These Top 6 Most Common Powered Scooter Repairs That Leave Most People Stranded!

Your powered scooter is one of the most important investments you have for maintaining mobility. Yet, it is a mechanical system that requires updates and repairs over time. With the help of our team at Leading Edge Mobility, we can ensure any scooter repair you need is properly handled and that your scooter lasts as long as possible.

The Most Common Repair Needs

What is most likely to get you stranded when it comes to powered scooters? These are the areas where most people fail to get help soon enough.

#1: Old Batteries

Your powered scooter could be working just fine, but if the battery wears down, that’s going to make it impossible for it to maintain enough of a charge to help you get to and from your destinations.

#2: Worn Tires

Over time, the tires on your powered scooter will wear down, which can make for an uncomfortable ride. Just as you would for a car, you also want to be sure you’re putting the time into maintaining or replacing worn tires.

#3: Worn Armrests

The armrests on your mobility scooter are likely to wear down as you use it. Luckily, these repairs are not likely to cause your scooter to simply stop working, but they definitely can cause skin irritation if you don’t get the repairs soon enough.

#4: Motor Functionality

Your powered scooters are going to run well for you for years to come, but having a service technician inspect and maintain the motor at least once every year will keep it lasting longer. What’s most important here is to ensure all of the wiring and components remain in good condition, avoiding risks of fire and damage.

#5: Controller Wear

Like most other components, these will wear down – and that’s a sign that you are out there enjoying and using your powered scooter to fill your needs. However, if you start to notice that they are not working the way they should or slowly becoming less reliable, don’t put off this repair. They can suddenly stop working, and that means your very heavy scooter will be stuck wherever you are.

#6: Light Failures

Don’t put off scooter repair to any lights or other electrical components. These need to be maintained to keep you safe. Electrical problems in these areas could also signal a bigger problem throughout the system. Getting it checked out now could help you avoid problems down the road.

Let Our Team Help You Stay on the Go

Scooter repair is a big part of maintaining your equipment. Powered scooters can be an excellent overall investment, if you put the time into maintaining them, they will last. With the help of our team at Leading Edge Mobility, you can extend the life of your scooter and get more mobility out of it. Set up a consultation with our team. Let us inspect and ensure your system is working at its best. We can make recommendations to upgrade or make repairs to just about any component on in-store purchases.

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