10 Activities that Can Brighten up Your Aging Loved Ones

Getting older is no joke. It also looks a little different for everyone. So, while some of our elderly relatives might still be up for outdoor activities, others might not.

This is particularly true for aging loved ones who have mobility issues, or who need to use mobility equipment that might limit their options. Fortunately, there are many activities that your aging loved ones can and will still enjoy. Here are ten great ideas:

  1. Gardening – even if it’s just in pots on a balcony or terrace. Being outdoors is great for health and well-being, and it’s an instant mood booster! Arranging flowers that come from your own garden or cooking with your own herbs, fruits and veggies is also very rewarding.
  2. Jigsaw puzzles or games like scrabble, Monopoly, bridge, or anything else that your aging loved ones enjoy playing. Ask them to teach you their favorite game or bring yours and teach them something new.
  3. Music or dancing. Whether you play music, ask them to teach you to dance, or listen to their favorites on the stereo or record player, this is a fantastic way to brighten up everyone’s mood.
  4. Reading. Many of our aging loved ones have failing vision or other problems that might make it harder to read, but large print books work well, or you could do the reading while they listen.
  5. Free courses. There are all kinds of free courses online and off that your aging loved ones might enjoy. Whether it’s how to write a novel, a cooking class or contract law, keeping our elderly relatives’ minds sharp this way is a great choice of activity.
  6. Exercise based on your aging loved one’s mobility and ability. Whether that’s an aquacise class at the community center, tai chi in the park, or just a slow stroll through the neighborhood.
  7. Writing is another great outlet for older people. It could be poetry, letters, a novel, or even a journal. Sharing thoughts, ideas and stories is one of the best activities for aging loved ones.
  8. Art or hobbies are other great ideas for activities for your aging loved ones. It could be something they’ve done for years or something brand new they’re just trying for the first time.
  9. Cooking or baking are great activities for people of all ages too. It’s creative, and you can share what you make with family and friends.
  10. Crosswords and other kinds of word or number puzzles. Research has proven that this is one of the best ways to preserve mental capacity as we age, and it doesn’t require great mobility.

If your aging loved ones do need mobility equipment to enjoy the activities they love, there’s the usual equipment that can help. A mobility equipment specialist like Leading Edge Mobility can help you to choose the perfect equipment to give your loved one’s freedom, independence, and a safer way to do the things they enjoy.

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