Powered Scooter Highlight: The Orthoquad RZ 1500

The Orthoquad RZ 1500 from Leading Edge Mobility is a great scooter that helps you move freely in all terrains. It offers the user a sense of independence to move from one point to another without assistance.

The Orthoquad RZ 1500 has a convenient speed to help get around faster and easier. It also offers versatility and has an infinite tilt steering wheel for ergonomic support.

Here are a few reasons why the Orthoquad RZ 1500 from Leading Edge Mobility is the best mobility scooter for you.

Features of the Orthoquad RZ 1500


It has a heavy-duty and powerful 1400W engine that supports a remarkable speed of 18km/h. 


A scooter’s reliability and performance depend on its battery quality and capacity. The Orthoquad RZ 1500 has two 100 amps batteries offering an impressive range. The batteries are of the highest quality, long-lasting, and reliable.

 LED lighting

The Orthoquad RZ 1500 design performs in all conditions. The LED lighting improves safety. The user can move around comfortably with excellent visual capability. You can quickly identify potential hazards and obstacles ahead of the road and avoid them.

8A heavy-duty charger

The Orthoquad RZ 1500 heavy-duty charger offers:

  • Short circuit protection
  • Over-current protection
  • Over-voltage protection

It ensures the battery is adequately charged to keep you moving for longer.

USB charging ports

It has two USB charging ports that enable you to charge your mobile electronic devices while on the go. Stay connected with the Orthoquad RZ 1500.

Bottle holder

Hydration is essential, and you must be more hydrated while moving around. The stylish and convenient bottle holder keeps your drink within arm’s reach. In the hot weather, you do not need to keep stopping for drinks. The bottle holder helps you ride and drink.

Deluxe high-back orthopedic seat

The Orthoquad RZ 1500 has an adjustable orthopedic seat that offers excellent comfort. It offers good body support to keep you safe from injury. The seat is cushier and gives improved neck support. This is your best option if you are suffering from chronic muscle and joint pain-related illnesses. It offers you physical comfort and looks out for your health so you can ride comfortably for long periods of time.

Driving assistance technology

The Orthoquad RZ 1500 has the latest driving assistance technology. Any user can easily read and understand the control panel. It is easy to use and also has a digital display.

Rearview mirrors

The two rearview mirrors in the Orthoquad RZ 1500 give you a better view as you move around. You can reverse quickly without hitting obstacles. The improved view ensures you do not struggle to see oncoming traffic behind you.


The orthoquad RZ 1500 has quality suspension. It maintains stability when navigating uneven terrain. Its stability control features give the rider a painless and smooth ride experience.


Visit Leading Edge Mobility to test ride the Orthoquad RZ 1500. We want to help you take back your mobility. We have many different powered scooters available in our new showroom! Come see it for yourself today.

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