Noticing your Aging Parent’s Needs

You may have noticed one or both of your aging parents declining, whether that is physically, mentally, or both. You may even be at the stage where it’s time to step in and implement some changes into their lifestyles. Perhaps they have fallen, or recently had a hip replacement, or simply cannot climb the stairs like they used to. Especially in the winter, seniors’ mobility is greatly decreased due to the hazards of snow and ice. It’s time to start taking special attention to your parent’s lifestyle, and notice where they may need extra assistance. Leading Edge Mobility wants to make the transition simple for you and them.


Whether your parents are having difficulty climbing the stairs outside of their home, or their bedroom is located up a flight of stairs, there are options available to keep your parents in their own home for as long as possible.

Outdoors: Leading Edge Mobility measures and installs a variety of outdoor ramps for easy climbing with wheelchairs and scooters, allowing simple home access.

Indoors: If your aging parent simply needs help on the stairs, there are customizable options for both indoor and outdoor stairlifts to carry them up and down any flight of stairs. If they are wheelchair bound, we also have elevator lifts for full home accessibility.

Power Mobility

We want your parents to maintain as much independence as possible when transitioning into assisted mobility. We fit our mobility scooters and power wheelchairs to them for optimal luxury and autonomy. We customize their chair or scooter to your specifications, all the way from colour to comfort. If you notice your parents slowing down, or not being able to make the walk to the grocery store on their own because they’re too tired, it may be time to get them a scooter. We can help you decide what they need for optimal mobility and safety.

Walking Devices

We carry a variety of canes, rollators and walkers, depending on the senior’s needs and budget. If you have noticed your parents having difficulties walking on their own, or with bending and sitting, it may be time to get them a walker. Walkers are great for easy, safe movement, especially when pushing over icy patches. Walkers provide independence to your parents, and provide tons of convenience with their carrying baskets and kneeling are sitting pads. A walking device may help your aging parents maintain some of their lifestyle while going through a difficult, and often emotional, transition period.

Lift Chairs

If you have seen your parents struggle out of their La-Z-Boy chair, or their regular spot on the old leather couch, it may be time to get them a lift chair. Lift chairs are attractive and comfortable, and are motorized to raise up and out to help the sitter into a standing position with relative ease. As your parents age, lifting themselves from comfortable chairs will become increasingly difficult when their balance and strength are waning. Lift chairs give them the extra boost they need to be comfortable and mobile in their own home.

Bathroom Safety

One of the biggest struggles seniors must go through are behind closed doors. Bathroom difficulties for seniors are not an easy topic, and often go missed for too long. Simply adding a raised toilet seat with handles to help them get up and down, or a shower seat to protect them from slipping in the shower, are incredibly important for their safety and comfort. Grab bars in the shower and bathtub will help give you peace of mind, and help your parents get through their day-to-day activities without needing an extra hand.

Noticing the Need

It’s often difficult to come to terms with parents aging. When their mobility and independence decrease, it may be time to make the changes in their lifestyle to keep them upright and moving at the pace they like. There are tons of options to help your parents through this transition period, and Leading Edge Mobility is here to help. We help you to make the best decision for your parent’s mobility, and we maintain their pride as we find the chair or product that rightly fits their needs.

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